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Tetrix 300 AC/DC Comfort 2.0 Puls 5P TM
Tetrix 300 AC/DC Comfort 2.0 Puls 5P TM
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Specification of

  • AC/DC TIG welding machine, portable, modular, decentral, 5-pole connection socket
  • Cooling unit with centrifugal pump,
  • TIG welding torch, water-cooled, 4 m
  • Coolant up to -10 °C (14 °F), 5 l,
  • Trolley for power source, 1 module, 10 l–50 l shielding gas cylinder,
  • Transport cart, assembled
  • Mains plug, assembled,
  • Workpiece lead with clamp, 350 A , 60 %, 50 mm²
  • Pressure regulator with manometer, 15 l
  • Gas hose, 2 m

Mesin Las TIG

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